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Ron left Fairfield in 1995 (School Psychologist, Computer Specialist) and went on to a whole other professional life which he describes in the upcoming REF Fall, 2012 newsletter. Here is a shot of him in Gasparilla, Florida, winter of 2012. Check out his blogspot ( to find out lots more about what he’s been doing since he “retired” (USING THAT WORD VERY LOOSELY).

Ron Abate, Post Fairfield

By Ron Abate (left Fairfield 1995, School Psychologist, Computer Specialist )

I retired from Fairfield Schools at the age of 62. This was not the terminus of my career as I sought new endeavors. My interest in computers led me to develop my own business, Galaxy Computer Services. Initially, I sold and installed computers. When profit margins on hardware sales went below 10%, I elected to shift my energies to computer applications training. I free-lanced at various business schools and at the corporate level. This proved to be a more rewarding pursuit. I provided training at Morse School of Business, Branford Hall, and other locations. My last position was at Briarwood College where I was adjunct professor teaching computer applications software.

While teaching, I developed two software programs: Teacher Evaluation Survey and Briarwood Grade Book. The first allowed instructor evaluations by students to be completed on computers making the process more efficient. The second was a program that allowed instructors to track attendance and student progress. This program had the unique feature of continuously calculating student averages during the semester. It also allowed for weighting of various student measures of performance. Another accomplishment was the method I used to test my students: They had to solve problems and save their results on a computer; paper and pencil tests were never used.

I fully retired from my second career at the age of 72. However, computers will always remain a part of my life as I strive to keep up with the rapid progress of technology. I am in the process of writing my perceptions on the social and economic impact technology will have on our society. You are invited to view my website at Some of the information at this site is autobiographical; it is updated continuously. For recreation, I travel to places known for their natural beauty (Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, and Caribbean). I spend my Winters at various locations in Florida.


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Ginny Raposo | Reply 03.01.2014 11:56

A real Renaissance man for the 21st century and beyond!

Paula S. | Reply 18.10.2012 18:12

Loved your blog! You' certainly put your knowledge of technology to good and profitable use.

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13.10 | 21:37

Our sincere condolences to you, Sara, and your family. We fondly remember John. He was a caring and friendly man. His wonderful life leaves a trail of beautiful memories

12.09 | 22:21

I would very much like to get in touch with Mel Senator. I was a young Yale MAT graduate when I was hired, together with my good friend Liz Willis.

09.07 | 12:14

Congratulations on earning your doctorate. Yes we have been lucky to hire only the best. Thanks for staying with the FPS. Wishing you the very best.

08.07 | 23:16

Thanks, Dr Burke, for inspiring me to complete my own doctorate at the University of Bridgeport in 1991. Also, many thanks, for hiring me in 1977 for Fairfield.

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