Living in Texas

Living In Texas

Steve and Linda in the Netherlands, May 2012.


By Steve Smith (ret. 1999 from Stratfield School)

It has been almost 12 years since Linda and I retired to Georgetown, Texas.  The change has been good as the cost of living is cheaper here and our taxes our frozen.  We moved to a Del Webb retirement community and have enjoyed meeting many new people as well as being involved in the community. Sun City is a place that currently has over 6,000 homes and will eventually expand to 7,500 homes with an estimated population of over 14,000.  Moving here has taken an adjustment fromConnecticut.  It is a very conservative area as well as very evangelical.   Coming from what was once a liberal state to this one has been an adjustment.  As for education, it lacks a great deal.  Teachers are paid much less than Fairfieldand are not required to get a master’s degree.  Getting one will only boost your salary here in Georgetown $100 a year.  However, sports play a major role inTexas: and, if you’ve watched Friday Nights Lights, you have an accurate picture of football life here.  In fact, one of my friends went back to coaching football inHoustonand earned almost twice as much as a teacher at maximum.  He also had a staff of 17 assistants, 14 of whom were paid. It is an entirely different type of culture fromConnecticut.  Here football is king. 

As for me, I have been actively involved in Havurah Shalom as a service leader for the past eight years.  It has been enjoyable, but I feel it has come time to retire.  I have also been involved with the golf community and have served on the golf committee that oversees the golf operation.  Linda and I have traveled as well to Europeand somewhat throughout the southern United States and Midwest.  To give you some idea how far it is to get out ofTexas, it takes us over five hours to reach the Louisiana border and over many more to reach New Mexico.  When you travel inTexas a three hour ride to the next largest city is a hop, skip, and jump.  We are very fortunate to live here for the cultural community. Austin, which is 40 miles away, offers museums, the university, good restaurants, and theater. Georgetown has Southwestern University, the oldest inTexas, and it was at the beginning of the Chisholm Trail.  It has a great fine arts program and produces top quality musicals, dramas, and many recitals.  

My family is scattered from Missourito Connecticut.  My son, Scott, and his family still live in Fairfieldand their children, Elena and Evan, still attend Fairfield schools. Elena attends middle school and Evan elementary. My daughter, Lisa, and her family live in Chesterfield, Missouri.  Their children, Casey and Brett, both attend middle school. Scott right now is working on a documentary about the Cape Cod League, the oldest baseball league for college students in the country. 

Linda and I enjoy being here, but at times miss the changing of the seasons and the seashore.  I don’t miss the snow, and I am able to play golf almost all year. I try to follow what is going on back in Fairfield.  I miss many of my colleagues, but I don’t miss teaching.  Retirement is great ( 

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Mel Senator | Reply 07.06.2013 19:08

Hi Steve and Linda-
I enjoyed reading about your retirement in Texas.
Best Wishes,
Mel Senator

Elizabeth Manente Power | Reply 12.04.2013 20:11

Hi Steve and Linda, Good to know all is well. Remember Grasmere 1965. We have come a long way.

Paula S. | Reply 18.10.2012 18:10

Texas sounds like the last frontier. It must have been quite an adjustment after living in CT.

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13.10 | 21:37

Our sincere condolences to you, Sara, and your family. We fondly remember John. He was a caring and friendly man. His wonderful life leaves a trail of beautiful memories

12.09 | 22:21

I would very much like to get in touch with Mel Senator. I was a young Yale MAT graduate when I was hired, together with my good friend Liz Willis.

09.07 | 12:14

Congratulations on earning your doctorate. Yes we have been lucky to hire only the best. Thanks for staying with the FPS. Wishing you the very best.

08.07 | 23:16

Thanks, Dr Burke, for inspiring me to complete my own doctorate at the University of Bridgeport in 1991. Also, many thanks, for hiring me in 1977 for Fairfield.

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