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From ARTC: Health Care Insurance

Health Care Insurance

AssocOfRetiredTeachersOfCT <ctretiredteachers@artct.org>

Fri, Jul 19, 2019 1:35 PM 
Posted here July 23, 2019

The TRB has chosen Anthem as the company to administer our Medicare Supplement plan. They will be replacing Stirling Benefits as of 2020. This is a Medicare plan and should not be confused with the TRB base plan Medicare Advantage, also implemented by Anthem.

The TRB will be mailing all retirees a packet of information explaining any benefit changes, the rates for 2020, and the schedule for the open enrollment meetings that they will be holding across the state during the open enrollment period.


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Greetings, At a recent meeting of the TRB we were informed that the office is seriously understaffed. Of course this makes it very difficult to contact the office by phone. Despite this adversity the TRB is doing their very best to address your issues and I commend them for that. In addition to staffing problems the computer system is in serious need of upgrading. An up to date system would also improve communication and efficiency. The reason I bring this to your attention is that I would like you to mention this issue to your respective legislators in hopes of getting the funding to address this problem. If you are having problems getting in touch with the TRB I would remind you that the answers to many of your questions can be found on the TRB website. Ed Messina, Pres., ARTC

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Your Advocacy Made the Difference This Legislative Session

by Laurel Killough

Posted June 6, 2019

Posted here July 23, 2019


The 2019 Connecticut legislative session ended at midnight last night, and, thanks to your advocacy, we were successful at achieving some of our top priorities. Watch CEA Executive Director Don William's summary of what we accomplished this session. Safeguarding Teacher Pensions The General Assembly has passed a fair, responsible state budget that ensures the long-term […]

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Joan E. Kleiunknechtjoaniesunflower,com | Reply 29.07.2019 09:29

thank you..sooooo clear!

Paula Sweeley 29.07.2019 09:31

You"RE welcome Joan

Joan E. Kleinknecht | Reply 30.10.2015 13:22

This is the first time I ever have seen these pages..I wonder how I have missed themH??????????????? I am happy to have finally found this great source ! Wow

Paula Sweeley | Reply 27.09.2014 13:51

Hi Steve,
I passed your question on to someone who is more knowledgable than I.

Steve Geller | Reply 26.09.2014 18:04

Can you outline what changes, if any, will occur for retired CT teachers who reside in Florida?

Thank you,

Stephen Geller

CAROL SPANGLER 27.09.2014 15:06


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