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Summer 2013 and a tour of Grand Central Terminal organized by the REF activities committee.

Kathy McDonald (ret 2010 McKinley) and granddaughter Cayleigh Glynn, 2, on the beach in Milford Dec. 3, 2012. This photo was featured in the CT post, subtitled "Still Teaching". My granddaughter was born in Sept. 2010 and I started watching her 4 days a week starting in Dec. As a former kindergarten teacher, I am having a ball.

Pat O'Dwyer (ret. 1996, Jennings, gym) and "best friend", Foxy Lady.

Pat O'Dwyer and "best husband", Tom (ret. 1994, Ffld. Woods Middle School).

Tom and Patsy O'Dwyer's family photo.

Betty Mulholland and friends...See her blog page: ( ).

Lorraine Brodsky on stage...see her blog page.

Pat Pressel and husband, Phil...see her blog page.

Steve and Linda Smith...see Steve's blog page.

Ron Abate...see his blog page (and link to his own blog).

Paula Sweeley.....see her blog page.

Hi REF Friends,

This page of the blog is just for photos.  Just send them to me, with captions if you like, and I will post them.  Be sure to include your name and the year you retired and from which school you retired (also could include the subject you taught if you wish). CLICKING ON THE ARROW PLAYS THE SLIDE SHOW, AND PLACING THE POINTER OVER THE PHOTOS BELOW REVEALS THE CAPTIONS.

Send to:

I'm really looking forward to posting lots of photos.

Paula Sweeley
REF membership chair

Milton Jacoby 16.09.2013 15:47

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Here's some info on the Joan Jacoby Fund. Our appeal goes out in November.

Paula S. 17.09.2013 13:41

OK, Milt. I'm out of town right now. I'll post the info at the end of this week. See you soon.....Paula.

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17.06 | 18:00

Hi, Yes I am still working in CT but am cutting back. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss your concerns and determine if I can help.

17.06 | 14:40

Are you currently working in CT. If so I would like to use your education advocate services for our 8 year son

15.06 | 20:43

Our battles were fierce but always cordial and a handshake from Dr/ Z was was his bond.I share your loss.

15.06 | 19:03

Yes, Colleen, I remember him as a true gentleman who led with respect for all. Truly inspiring!