Bob Gillette, A Legendary Teacher

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DONE Sending...

Lesley Hirsch | Reply 30.04.2022 17:19

Just came across this searching for Bob, one of the most influential people in my life. Love to you, Bob! Got your email below - will write! xoxo

Bob Clark | Reply 26.12.2021 17:21

While teaching at Andrew Warde HS, Bob worked with my wife, Patty Clark, for four years in "Operation Turn-On." They were an amazing team and .... | Reply 13.06.2021 17:24

I would love to know Bob’s email address and when he is doing a zoom class!
Bob Gillette has had a tremendous impact on me and my family.

Emma Witt | Reply 06.01.2021 13:30

Bob came to my Zoom class today that was virtual due to the Pandemic. I loved hearing him speak and recommend the book to others! Really pulls at your heart.

Paula Sweeley 06.01.2021 13:52

Bob is very talented and was truly loved and respected as a teacher in the Fairfield school system.

Joseph S Zapytowski | Reply 10.10.2020 15:15

Bravo, Bob! What a fruitful "retirement".

Ellen Rosen | Reply 19.09.2020 07:11

You were my Hebrew school teacher at Temple Beth Zion and instilled a love of Jewish learning that has lasted a lifetime.

ekuzabeth leonardo schwendeman | Reply 19.09.2017 22:05

Bob was always a caring person and as such was our class 1955 president.....many years ago after a reunion in Stratford he came to our rescue.

Julie Hastings | Reply 21.08.2016 13:41

Just ordered Escape to Virginia. Is there a way to contact Bob Gillette? I teach at a local school, would love to invite him.
Julie Hastings

Paula S. 22.08.2016 21:01

Hi Again Julie,
Bob said I should give you his email:

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17.06 | 14:00

Hi, Yes I am still working in CT but am cutting back. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss your concerns and determine if I can help.

17.06 | 10:40

Are you currently working in CT. If so I would like to use your education advocate services for our 8 year son

15.06 | 16:43

Our battles were fierce but always cordial and a handshake from Dr/ Z was was his bond.I share your loss.

15.06 | 15:03

Yes, Colleen, I remember him as a true gentleman who led with respect for all. Truly inspiring!

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