First Fridays

First Breakfast after a long hiatus due to Covid (April 4, 2022)

For February 2015, everyone was hibernating AGAIN. Our little group of 4, plus our wonderful waitress, Karen still had a wonderful time.

SNOW DAY Jan. 9, 2015. Our first REF breakfast of the new year had only 3 attendees. Most folks, including myself, chose to stay home due to the snowy weather. Our wonderful waitress, Karen, sat in for the photo to make it 4. Hope to see everyone next month.

Don't ask (about the arm).

Drop-in breakfasts at the Circle Diner for 2022 are:   MAY 6, JULY 1, AUGUST 5, OCTOBER 7 NOV 4, JAN 6, 2023, FEB 3, MAR 3, APR 7.     All attending these functions must be vaccinated!!!  Please mark the above dates on your calendar
Every first Friday of the month (except for June, September and December when we host special events) we have our regular REF breakfasts from 9:30 on at the Circle Diner (copy and paste)  

Our monthly breakfasts are a way for members to connect and share news with each other. The food is good, and the atmosphere is friendly. Some members drop in just to chat for a few minutes. Most stay for breakfast (we order and pay individually). Folks leave according to the demands of their own schedules. We each pay our own tab.  A good time is had by all!!! Save these dates to come and socialize with other members.   ***Breakfasts are always subject to weather conditions. Members use their judgment regarding whether or not they choose to brave the elements to come out for a cozy breakfast and some friendly conversation.    

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DONE Sending...

Peggy Morris | Reply 05.10.2014 02:09

I had such a great time seeing so many of my friends at the REF breakfast on September 12th. It was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with everyone.

Paula Sweeley 05.10.2014 23:28

It was so great seeing YOU, Peggy!! What a nice surprise. Hope it will happen again in the not-to-distant future. What a luck that you were here for it.

Betty | Reply 29.09.2014 09:47

Loved the photos.
I'll be at Boothe this Friday morning sorry.

Betty | Reply 28.07.2014 11:49

I can't mke this one. But hoping to make the Sept breakfast. I'll take time off from Boothe.
Again thanks for doing such a great job.

Betty Mulholland | Reply 01.04.2014 13:56

Great photos.
Sorry I won't be home for the April breakfast.

Walt Drozeck | Reply 10.07.2013 16:18


You have done an EXCELLENT job with the REF website, my compliments and hats off to you.

The slide presentatation of the recent Fri breakfast was great

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Hi, Yes I am still working in CT but am cutting back. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss your concerns and determine if I can help.

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Are you currently working in CT. If so I would like to use your education advocate services for our 8 year son

15.06 | 16:43

Our battles were fierce but always cordial and a handshake from Dr/ Z was was his bond.I share your loss.

15.06 | 15:03

Yes, Colleen, I remember him as a true gentleman who led with respect for all. Truly inspiring!

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